"I will not let go unless you bless me."

Genesis 32:26
Jacob wrestled with God and won.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

In the Evening

It also pays to pray before you go to bed at night.  If you are worried about something and can't sleep, take it to the Lord.  It is better to stay up for an hour talking to Him rather than going to bed on time and not being able to sleep because you have taken the concerns of the day to bed with you.
I often pray after I have gone to bed.  Some things will pray upon the mind and it certainly beats worrying about them.  Worry never helps to improve the situation; prayer does.  I used to be a champion worry-wart.  Often, if I don't watch myself, I start slipping into old thought patterns--brooding about things I have no control over.  Wars, the economy, the high price of gas and food....It's hopeless.  But God is still in control of everything, and I mean everything.  In the book of Matthew, Jesus says that we shouldn't worry.  If God says not to do something and I do it anyhow, what does that make the action?  That would mean worry must be a sin.
The solution to worries--especially at night--is prayer.  Turn your concerns over to God and leave them there.

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